Repair the share permission on the Lync Share

A lot of people may know them; share and ntfs permissions on a folder. Because Lync uses a share to store data incorrect permissions can result in big problems.

The folder contains the following information

  • data which must be replicated to/from the CMS
  • the addressbook
  • phone client updates and logs
  • several application related files: for example custom voice prompts
  • data which is shared during a meeting

When one of the features isn’t working users will see this very soon.

But which share permissions are needed on the Lync Share? The administrator(s) account(s) which are responsible for managing Lync need to have full control on this folder. When they don’t have these permissions you will get warnings during the Lync installation.

The other permissions are set during the Lync installation. But it might happen that changes have been made in the share permissions which results in failures.

But how can you fix this? Well, it’s not that hard use the enable-CsComputer. To simulate the process I removed all permissions from the share excluding the administrator.

This will cause errors in the event log after a few minutes:

The event displayed above will tell you that the File Transfer Agent can’t access the share on the Front End Server. This has as a result that the configuration changes won’t be distributed anymore to, for example the Edge Server.

By executing the Enable-CsComputer cmdlet by using the Lync Management Shell it will restore the share permissions. Because this cmdlet doesn’t give any output by default you can add the -v parameter to see what happens.

When completed you can open the log file which is created during the process. As you can see several ACL’s have been configured.

When having a look at the share permissions on the Lync Share you will see that permissions have been configured correctly again:

About Johan

Johan Veldhuis werkt als Technical Consultant bij Communicativ. In deze functie houdt hij zich vooral bezig met Microsoft Exchange en Office Communications server. Hiervoor heeft hij gewerkt als server & storage engineer waar hij verantwoordelijk was voor het uitvoeren van projecten op server & storage gebied waaronder: Microsoft Server omgevingen, Lefthand storage-omgevingen, Backup oplossingen, Citrix/Terminal server omgevingen en antivirus/antispam oplossingen. Sinds Exchange 2003 is hij zich meer gaan verdiepen in Exchange. Sinds vorig jaar heeft een eigen website welke de nadruk heeft op Exchange. Naast de certificeringen MCSE en MCITP Exchange 2007 is Johan ook Trend Micro Security Master. In 2009 is hij gewaardeerd door Microsoft voor zijn werkzaamheden voor de community met een MVP Award.
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3 Responses to Repair the share permission on the Lync Share

  1. Arturas says:

    Great. This solved my problem when Front-End status always shows Retrieving.

  2. John T says:

    What happens when the file share is on say, a SQL server, where there is no replication agent to capture the settings. enable-cscomputer doesn’t run quite right there… at least its not for me, and i’m not sure where to look next.

  3. candientutbd says:

    Check full permission for everyone, administrator, RTCHS Universal Services, RTC Component Universal Services, RTC Universal Server Admins, RTC Universal Config Replicator group. They affect to enable topology !

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